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Random samples from the book:

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A sample from The Art of Normal

Why do people have to be different? I donít like that.

Donít tell me they canít help it. They could if they wanted to. Itís not that hard to be normal.

Itís not like I want to hurt them or anything. I just donít want them around me. ĎCause Iím alright. Iím OK. And if people see me with them, they might think Iím not, you know? That Iím like them.

And Iím not. At least, I try not to be. I try to be normal. Super-normal. More normal than normal. Itís not that hard, you know, if you work at it. You can dress like other people. You can listen to what they say. And then make sure youíre saying the same thing. Or ...